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Keep Water Clean: Backflow Inspection and Prevention Services for Businesses

Protecting your water supply from contamination and ensuring compliance with local regulations. Our certified technicians inspect, test, or repair your backflow and even file your paperwork so your business fully complies with local codes and regulations. Not sure if your business needs backflow testing? Reach out to us today.

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Maintain Legal Compliance with Annual Backflow Testing

Backflow occurs when water flows in the reverse direction, potentially contaminating your clean water supply with hazardous substances like sewage or chemicals. Regular backflow prevention measures, including annual backflow inspections and testing, are essential to maintain the safety and quality of your drinking water.

At Moore’s, our certified technicians specialize in backflow prevention services to protect your water from contamination. If a backflow preventer fails or an issue arises, prompt inspection and repair are crucial to prevent mixing clean water with potentially harmful contaminants.

Don’t wait for a problem to arise! Schedule your annual backflow inspection today to ensure your water remains safe and reliable.

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Certified Backflow Inspections Since '85

For nearly four decades, Moore’s Electrical and Mechanical has been a reliable provider of backflow prevention and inspection services. Our certified technicians conduct thorough backflow testing and inspections to protect your water supply and meet local regulatory standards. We cover all aspects of backflow services, including installation, assembly, and repair, and we take care of all necessary permits and documentation.

Choosing us means you benefit from a complete range of backflow services, such as:

  • Annual backflow testing
  • Backflow repair services
  • Backflow installation
  • Compliance Reporting
  • Full plumbing capabilities

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