Moore’s Missions

Our Commitment to Serving the Community

Moore’s is a family-oriented, Christ-centered company. We strive to be missional by giving of our resources such as time, money and service. This endeavor has grown to include our local communities in Virginia and North Carolina, national causes such as disaster relief across the United States, and, at times, worldwide missions like hurricane relief in countries such as Puerto Rico.

As a mission-driven company, we encourage our employees to volunteer and make a lasting impact on those in need.

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Moore's Charitable Foundation

The Moore’s Charitable Foundation donates to organizations in the communities where we live and work. In 1999, we began donating 10% of our annual profit (10 cents on every dollar we make) to the Moore’s Charitable Foundation in an act of obedience to Biblical principles.

Our intent is to instill purpose not only in the hearts of our employees, but in the lives of those we touch. Over the years, our organization has grown, and through donations of time, money and experience, our people are improving the lives of the less fortunate and actively building better communities.

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Business on Mission

Business on Mission is a not-for-profit organization composed of volunteers in the business realm to come alongside other business leaders with practical steps, advice and encouragement to further God’s Kingdom in our day-to-day lives. Our work is our calling – and we’re positioned to impact the lives of our employees, our customers and, through them, the world.

Blessing Buckets
Blessing Buckets

When a natural disaster occurs, God’s Pit Crew is on it to bring crisis response to those who need it most. Moore’s partners with God’s Pit Crew to assemble Blessing Buckets, a 5 gallon bucket filled with essential items used by individuals every day. When received, these buckets help to enrich lives and become a small token of God’s love to a person in a time of crisis.


After the devastation of Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico in September 2017, Moore’s sent teams down to Marazul, a local church, to help them build back their building to become a shelter and resource to the community.

Claire House
Claire House

The Claire House project, through the Claire Parker Foundation, takes abandoned, old homes in the community to give them new purpose. The purpose is twofold: restore our community and help kids with cancer. All proceeds benefit children with cancer. Moore’s donated time and money to renovate the home.

M-Power Hours

M-Power Hours is an internal program that allows our employees to volunteer up to 8 hours annually at approved non-profit organizations that support communities impacted by natural disaster, and to address issues that impact quality of life. Our desire is to create purposeful community engagement opportunities that enrich and inspire the lives of our employees and those in our communities (local or global).

Partners Helping Partners

Partners Helping Partners is a 100% employee-funded benevolence program dedicated to helping our employees in need through payroll deduction. Our vision is that our own people would donate money toward a fund to help one another out when unforeseen financial circumstances arise.

We help when a Partner faces financial strain due to:

Injury or Illness
Loss of Family
Natural Disaster
Military Deployment

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