You Got a Backflow Notice in the Mail. Here’s What To Do.

You got a backflow notice in the mail – what does that mean?

Most commercial properties have a device called a backflow preventer to stop contaminated water to flow back into the clean water supply.

These backflow preventer devices are required by law to be inspected annually, to ensure any repairs or replacements are completed in a timely manner to avoid harmful backflow incidents.

If you received a backflow notice in the mail, that means your annul backflow inspection is due!

You got a backflow notice in the mail – what should you do?

As soon as you receive the notice in the mail, you have a 30 day window to schedule and complete an inspection. Late inspections can be subject to increasing fines and even disconnection of your water service, so it’s important not to forget!

If your inspection is coming due soon, schedule your inspection today with Moore’s. Not only are our technicians certified to inspect your backflow preventer… they are also certified repair any issues that may be found during the inspection. This saves you time and hassle!

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What does a backflow inspection consist of?

The first step in a backflow inspection involves a certified backflow inspector observing and recording the physical condition of the assemble and surrounding area. He/she will visually inspect the backflow assembly and note any wear and tear evident, checking thoroughly for any crack or broken parts. He/she will also check for any visible leaks like dripping water, which is a sign of backflow preventer device failure. If any visible signs of damage are evident, your backflow preventer device will need to be repaired as soon as possible.

The second step of the inspection involves the certified backflow inspector using a testing device to help identify any leakage or system issues. He/she will record fluctuations in water pressure in different components of the backflow prevent when certain valves are shut off to ensure the valves are functioning properly. He/she must confirm that:

  • Airports open regularly
  • Check gates stop the backflow
  • Relief valves are functioning in a timely manner

What documentation needs to be submitted to the county?

The county must receive certification that the backflow preventer device has passed its annual inspection.

If you book with Moore’s, you won’t have to worry about filling and submitting all of the paperwork. We handle all of that for you! We’ll also send you a copy of the inspection to keep for your records.

What happens if my backflow fails?

If your backflow preventor assembly fails inspection, that indicates that your backflow assembly will need to repaired or replaced as soon as possible and then re-tested within 15 days. Skip the line waiting for a repair appointment by scheduling with Moore’s – we can provide both your inspection and any repairs necessary.

What happens if my backflow inspection is late?

Late backflow inspections are subject to progressing fine(s) from the county and may eventually result being disconnected from the public water system until inspection is completed and all fees paid. At Moore’s we will send you annual reminders to ensure you never miss your inspection deadline!

How much is a fine from the county?

It’s important to note that you will only get fined for a failed backflow inspection if you don’t do anything to remedy the situation. You have a deadline each year to present the county with paperwork that shows a backflow preventer passing inspection. So make sure you schedule your backflow inspection with enough buffer to fix any potential issues before your deadline with the county.

As far as fines go, it varies from county to county, but the first fine for a late backflow inspection typically starts at $100 and increases from there. If you don’t complete your backflow inspection within 60 days, your county can shut off your water completely.

The first county fine for a late backflow inspection starts at $100.

How complicated is it to schedule a backflow inspection?

At Moore’s, it’s as easy as calling 434-309-2486 or submitting a contact form to schedule your inspection today!