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About This Project

This University Natatorium presented unique challenges inherent to Olympic pools and high diving platforms, including: obtrusive glare from direct light sources and the reflection of incident light, high vertical foot-candle levels for televised performances while maintaining visual comfort for athletes, and operation & maintenance concerns.

A system of 400W, 40,000 delivered lumens, natatorium rated, indirect LED luminaires were installed on support arms at either side of the pool, three luminaires per support, with additional fixtures mounted to the structure. The fixtures are set at various angles to maintain glare-free uniform lighting, with all light beams under 50 degrees from vertical. This maximizes penetration of light into the water and minimizes incident reflection. Exposed round structural ceiling is being utilized as a large reflector to reinforce the architectural environment. This approach also allowed for uniform lighting levels across the span of the water and pool deck surfaces. The design achieved an 80fc average with a 2.9 max/min ratio across the pool deck at an energy usage of only 0.8 LPD. One area that proved particularly challenging using this approach was the 10 meter diving platform. The solution required the addition of two dedicated, separately zoned, luminaires to meet foot-candle requirements.

Luminaires are DMX controlled per zone, depending on mounting angle, and controlled by a dedicated lighting controller for lighting the pool deck. This system interfaces with the 16-zone DALI system controlling the entire natatorium, including the high bay fixtures lighting the spectator areas. The facility is operated by a daily time clock, scheduled for specific training or performance times, also including local override with scene control. Lighting supporting spectator areas is normally dimmed to 50% during non-performance times and will only go to 100% in performance scenes.