Lean Methodology and LED Lighting

If you’ve spent any time working in the industrial industry, you know that Lean methodology is one of the most important things you can implement to lead a successful and flourishing business. Becoming lean increases efficiency, productivity, and savings for the ultimate goal of creating more value for your customer.


If you’re on a Lean journey in your business, is everything in your operation supporting your Lean goals? We often think of Lean as a way to improve processes alone, but it can also encompass anything creating inefficiencies. Take, for example, the lighting throughout your facility. Are inefficient lighting sources working against your Lean processes?



  • Lighting impacts every aspect of your business and your processes
  • Traditional lighting (fluorescents, incandescents, HID, etc.) majorly limits process efficiency and profitability
  • Poor lighting can lead to safety issues
  • In order to implement continuous improvement in Lean methodology, you have to be willing to seek out inefficiencies in your technology as well, including lighting


If your facility is still operating on traditional lighting, the inefficiencies of this lighting technology is leading to higher energy bills, maintenance costs, and disposal hassle, which ultimately leads to a lower profit margin for you or higher costs to the customer. Remember that lean methodology is all about creating more value for the customer.


Optimizing your lighting can truly transform your facility. The best and most efficient lighting source is by far LED lighting. It’s highly efficient, using up to 90% less energy and lasting 25 times longer than traditional incandescent bulbs.

In order to become a Lean organization, you must diligently implement continuous improvement throughout your organization, including lighting. The cycle of continuous improvement follows these basic steps: identify, plan, execute, and review. Once you have identified inefficient lighting throughout your facility, it’s time to plan how and when to upgrade to LED.


Here are some tips to finding the right subcontractor for this need. Find one that:

  • Creates a custom plan based on your facility and does the research to provide a projected ROI if you move forward (learn more about the cost/benefit analysis of upgrading to LED lighting here).
  • Understands your needs as an organization and tailors their install process and timeline to best fit your plant schedule.
  • Disposes the old traditional bulbs according to EPA regulations so you don’t have to worry about that process.
  • Collaborates with your energy provider to give you the qualified rebates you are eligible for in upgrading to LED lighting.


(Hint: Moore’s does all the above! If you’re in the central Virginia area, reach out to us for a free quote to optimize your lighting and become more Lean.)


Upgrading to LED lighting transforms your plant to become more efficient in energy and processes for years to come. Lean methodology is all about continuously improving, in all aspects. It’s time to improve your lighting! Moore’s provides a hassle-free lighting upgrade experience. We focus on making your facility work so you can focus on what your facility mak