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Montview Student Union

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Liberty University
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Higher Education

About This Project

The Montview Union is not a stand-alone structure. It is actually an addition to the largest academic building on campus, DeMoss Hall. The Union springs off the blank back wall of DeMoss, breaks down its scale, and creates an inviting and welcoming front that supports the new Commons and Campus Walk. Connecting the Union to the core academic building on campus transforms what once was an inwardly-focused “big box” into a dynamic joint center for academic and student life.

The Union’s dining options create socially-rich destinations where students can choose between six unique micro-restaurants, each offering its own distinctive atmosphere and celebrating healthy food preparation.

Generous windows and skylights bathe the Union in natural light and reinforce connections to the campus outside. Daylight harvesting sensors ensure the quality of natural light and moderate necessary artificial lighting levels accordingly. As part of a campus-wide upgrade plan, the Union utilizes energy-saving LED fixtures with wireless lighting controls that analyze and measure lighting use. Wireless occupancy and vacancy sensors automatically switch lights off in unoccupied rooms. Such strategies improve the campus environment, reduce energy bills, and ultimately pass savings on to student programs.